Data Mining/Automated Data Extraction

RecordBoss gives you the power to unlock your unstructured data. Processing hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of files in minutes.

How It Works

RecordBoss securely stores the contents of your documents and images in a database giving you unlimited access to your data for searching, reporting, and extraction. RecordBoss includes a built-in search capability for identifying various data points including drugs, tests, procedures, names, dates, protected health information (PHI), and many other data points which can be customized for your needs. RecordBoss can keep your data as long as you need it.

Customizing the right deliverable for your needs

RecordBoss provides customized client or case-specific deliverables to meet the needs of your organization. We've processed complex billing summaries, mass tort cases and highly-specific claim types. The opportunities are endless. If you need to identify and organize any data on documents, RecordBoss can quickly put it at your fingertips.

3 RecordBoss Levels to match your requirements and budget

The three different Levels of RecordBoss deliverables provide our clients multiple options to maximize and economize their information needs. Even at the baseline, RecordBoss Level 1 provides the building blocks for expediting reviews, identifying key terms, phrases, dates, drugs, medical devices and other critical information vital to your organization.