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RecordBoss has 3 Levels, to match your specific information needs.
Pay for what you need (when you need it). Starting as low as $0.05 per page.
Level 1 plan

Level 1

A solid document processing platform that can save significant time and money.

  • Best of breed OCR engine
  • Identify and highlight terms
  • Powerful data management

Level 2 plan

Level 2

The solid foundation plus the added power and convenience of chronological organization.

  • OCR identification and highlighting
  • Enhanced document organization
  • Document and event timelines

Level 3 plan

Level 3

All you need, including a synopsis of the most critical information for expedited review.

  • All the features of Level 1 and 2
  • Intelligent data synopsis for quick document reviews

Compare All Plans

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
RecordBoss outperforms all other OCR/ICR engines that we’ve researched.
Document Processing
RecordBoss streamlined document system.
Identify key terms, phrases, dates, etc.
Highlight, bookmark, specified terms.
Annotate documents for collaboration.
Organizational structure; by providers, date, and document types.
Logical event timelines.
Data Synopsis
Document synopsis of critical information.

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