Record Retrieval — All you need to know

Medical September 21, 2022

Records retrieval refers to the process of searching through large databases to retrieve, organize and deliver necessary documentation to businesses. This is a highly efficient solution for any business that accumulates a large amount — anywhere from a hundred to millions — of records and data, including legal documents, medical records, accounts, or insurance records. 


Key benefits of record retrieval:

  • Real-time access to records and data
  • Eliminates excess time and costs
  • Better support business’ efficiency and growth


A record retrieval company is composed of record retrieval specialists who work closely with businesses. A record retrieval specialist typically contacts or even travels to other locations to obtain necessary documents. Yet, record retrieval companies combine the strengths of these specialists with cutting-edge technology, and expertise to provide an almost immediate access to documents. Record retrieval companies both fulfill requests for locating data, and also meet provider requirements for specific information. In this way, record retrieval companies meet each request with precision and accuracy. 


Ideal for complex records and data

Businesses that have to maintain and use a large number of records and data benefit greatly from record retrieval services:

  1. Record retrieval companies take on the task of navigating the lengthy authorization processes to acquire documentation and also locate it for businesses. 
  2. Time and costs associated with internal record retrieval are  minimized so that businesses can focus on core priorities. 
  3. Documents and data are also OCRed, converting formerly image-only, physical documents into any digital format for greater efficiency and use. 

Automated commands allow businesses to sift through documents for specific information quickly. You can read more about OCR and its advantages here.


The Need for Record Management

Documents and data are vital to nearly all business functions. Access to relevant documents allows businesses to identify gaps or problems to which they can offer solutions. For example, law firms rely on large numbers of documents to build their cases. Similarly, organizations in the banking and financial sectors rely on loan, tax, and other business documents. The healthcare industry has numerous patient, doctor and billing documents that are vital to their operations. These documents act as a foundation for businesses to manage everything they touch.

Since documents are of utmost importance to businesses, so is precise record keeping. Record keeping ensures that documents are kept in an organized manner for easy retrieval. It also refers to record maintenance where documents are digitally formatted for easy use. This is a significant benefit for businesses that usually depend on physical, printed documents. They are now able to efficiently access documents and extract data in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually. This allows businesses to focus on improving their strategies and solutions, client relationships, and overall business performance.

This is especially important for businesses dealing with not only large amounts of documents but also highly confidential data. A great example of this is a medical record review. Many firms rely heavily on medical records to conduct business, yet medical record review can be challenging to handle due to industry-specific language. Businesses often depend on nurses and other healthcare professionals to fully understand the data at hand. Comprehension of these documents is vital for business success. Record retrieval companies, such as Advita, relieve this burden with a team of professionals who know how to locate the necessary data and information for business use. Medical records contain confidential data that must be handled with care. This is where a trusted record retrieval company can support you in ensuring the security of your data. With such support, businesses can efficiently and effectively access and use documents as needed. This eases the otherwise intimidating process of medical record review.

Advantages of Record Retrieval

Some record retrieval companies may offer high efficiency at the cost of customer service, while others may take more time yet provide excellence. Record retrieval companies may also have unique specialties across extensive medical, financial, or even legal knowledge. Depending on your business and needs, you may prefer certain specialties over others. One can evaluate these needs through meeting with record retrieval company representatives and their offerings.


Record Retrieval by Advita

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