Nation’s largest plaintiff law firm “Home Run!”

October 14, 2022


The managing partner of the mass tort group inside the nation’s largest plaintiff law firm approached us with the idea of using RecordBoss to expedite and streamline the workflow for their medical record review. The client had approximately 2,500 files for the weed killer product, Roundup. The firm had assembled a team of 25 +/- contract reviewers. During an hour conference call, working with our nurse/attorney, the client had identified the key terms and information they wanted RecordBoss to identify, highlight and bookmark.


We processed several test files for the client’s review. The client then further refined the list of terms and we started processing the live files. Our technology team set up dedicated share folders that were unique for this case. We conducted a brief training for the firm’s review team. We showed them how to move files into the folders and retrieve the finished processed files. We demonstrated the intuitive functions to navigate the RecordBoss files.

Our technology team set up a one-minute “sweep” timer that would automatically search for recently loaded files. When a file was identified, RecordBoss would grab the file and process the images. The files ranged from several hundred to over 11,000 images. Because of the incredible processing power of RecordBoss, we were able to return the completed files in seconds. Even the largest files would be processed and delivered back to the share files within a few minutes.

After several weeks, our client identified a way they felt would further improve their review team’s process. They asked if we could split the search terms into two distinct groups and then create two separate output files. We were able to accommodate this request easily. When RecordBoss processes files, all the textual content is stored in a database. Search terms and identifiers can easily be changed and adjusted. New searches are easy and almost instantaneously produced.

In less than a day, we were able to provide our client with two new output pdf files, each with its own unique identifiers. We reprocessed the previous 680 files. At no additional cost. From that moment on, the client’s team continued to load files, and within seconds receive two distinct pdf files, and reduce their review time and cost. Our client was able to successfully review and process their client’s files within months. The Managing Partner gave us the following feedback; “Roundup was a home run” and when asked about the efficiencies created in the review process for his team,

“Maybe 70% +/- time savings for Roundup on a 1000-page record being reviewed by a paralegal with average review speed. But also keep in mind that for Roundup we’re hunting for very specific information (diagnosis, treatment plan, and causation confounders), which in some ways makes the manual review quicker than if someone needed to read and digest the entire record to put together a complete picture of the patient’s course of treatment from start to finish. In the latter scenario, the % time savings might be higher.”