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October 10, 2022

Company Overview:

A nationwide law firm that represents plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of large, complex cases focused on harm caused to individuals financially or physically.



A senior associate and longtime client used our nurse review team to do merit reviews on new cases. After accepting cases, our client would have our review team provide a detailed investigation/review of the file. Once our team has completed this, our client would receive a complete pre-prep and ready-for-use file that is often used in critical case management operations—creating a more streamlined process enabling her to work on over 120+ cases.


We introduced Recordboss technology into our nurse review process within the last two years after using Recordboss high accuracy text extraction, OCR, and identifying key terms and phrases. We can reduce the time required to prepare an in-depth nurse review and mitigate additional costs. Recordboss has allowed our review times to substantially decrease by a margin of 30-40% while increasing accuracy for complex single-event claims.

Among the many additional benefits our clients received, we’ve notably introduced OCR layer’s. This allows our clients to cut and paste information directly from medical records assisting with drafting letters, pleadings, and other documents. This has allowed our client to focus her expert witness review more tightly, lowering the time required to manage the claim’s lifecycle and reducing costs.

Earlier this year, we introduced Recordboss level 2 and level 3, and our client currently utilizes Recordboss level 2 on all their cases. Using Recordboss level 2, records are organized by document providers, document type, and event date, creating a chronological flow. It greatly decreases the time needed to review records and has earned our client’s praise from her expert witnesses.


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“My litigation experts are LOVING it, and I’m paying less in hourly fees.
Also, as I’m arguing with defense counsel over things while negotiating,
I can quickly jump to records that support my position.
It’s really been great. The organization and the searching are just perfect.”